My main research interests are expressive rendering and image synthesis stylization.

The subject of my PhD is linked with mountain panorama maps. It is a broad topic that covers many fields from history, geography, to visual perception and rendering. I am focused on the style of the Atelier Pierre Novat, that produces hand-made paintings with a high aesthetic quality but still conveying information in a very efficient way. My main goal is to understand the style of the artist, i.e. translate his sensitivity and intuitions into concepts and algorithms. I also aim at providing semi-automated ways to render such panoramas and tools to allow artists to finely control their production. One of the key idea is to understand what degrees of freedom we have with respect to reality, without altering global coherence and plausibility of the panorama.


— Journal papers —
Local Light Alignment for Multi-Scale Shape Depiction
Nolan Mestres, Romain Vergne, Camille Noûs, Joëlle Thollot
Eurographics, 2021